Odd Even Delhi Traffic Rules,Challan,Helpline Number,Poochho App,Formula Info

By | 30/12/2015

Delhi C.M Mr. Arvind Kejriwal has introduced Delhi Odd Even formula in traffic rules and restrictions to diminish the pollution level in the capital city. As you know that the pollution level in Delhi is in very critical stage. As per recent report, air pollution level in Delhi is highest in the world. However, on 4th December 2015, Delhi government has made a proposal that was unique and one of its kind called as Odd/Even formula in vehicle number System restrictions to control traffic.

You must be thinking What is this Odd/Even Car System? How will it work and what will be the impact ? Get answers to all your questions here in this article. This new system will become active from 1st January 2016. Here in this article we will explain you the Odd/Even Traffic rules which will be in working from 1st January, 2016. Also you will get to know about the challan rules and learning these rules and restrictions you can see yourself from challan.

For the sake of public convenience Delhi govt. has launched around 3000 more public transport buses, increased the frequency of Delhi metro services and launched Poocho App. This Poocho App will give info about your nearest available taxi, auto rickshaw contact details. You can download the Poocho App in your smartphone mobile to book taxi and auto rickshaw. If you want any phone helpline number to contact the officials to know more about the traffic rules and restrictions in details than call on this official phone helpline number.

Odd Even Delhi Traffic Rules, Challan, Helpline Number, Poochho App, Formula Info

Odd Even Delhi Traffic Rules

What is Odd/Even Traffic Rules And Restrictions ?

  • The last digit of your Vehicle Registration number will be used for odd or even consideration.
  • The Odd and Even numbered vehicles will be allowed to drive on Alternate days.
  • Let us explain How– If the last digit of vehicle number is 0,2,4,6,8 then you can drive your car on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday and if the last digit is 1,3,5,7,9 then you will be allowed to drive your car on Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

Restrictions & Rules Of Odd/Even Traffic Rules ” Saving Yourself From Challan” –

  • Odd/Even Traffic Rules is applicable only to Private Vehicles.
  • Odd/Even Traffic Rules is also applicable to vehicles registered outside Delhi.
  • Female driver above 18 is allowed to drive the car on any day.
  • Female driver is not allowed to drive the car with any male present in the car.
  • Female driver is allowed to drive the car with children below 12 years of age.
  • Female driver can drive with female passengers sitting with her in car.
  • CNG approved cars are allowed on road on any days but car has to get the CNG stickers fixed on the front mirror of the car. CNG stickers are given by Govt. department after submitting car RC on which car has got CNG kit approval mark stamp by RTO. Secondly car should pass the fitness test of CNG kit (3 years validity)
  • 2 wheeler are not under the Odd Even rules. ( Decision of govt. can change after the successful test of  Odd Even Formula)

NOTE : If anybody is caught breaking the ODD EVEN rules then he/she could be challaned for 2000 INR.

 If you want detailed information than kindly contact the Delhi Government officials by visiting the official website.
Delhi High court said that living in Delhi is like, living in “Gas Chamber”. Delhi C.M Mr. Kejriwal organized a meeting to find out a solution for this problem. After few rounds of meeting they came out with a solution of odd-even car driving system is a outcome of the same meeting.

Some other decisions made are –

  • Trucks will be allowed to drive only after 11:00 pm.
  • The Government has decided that the vehicles have to follow Euro VI Standards by 2017.
  • Badarpur Thermal power station will Shut Down.

Odd Even Formula Traffic Rules Delhi Helpline Number

Delhi Traffic Helpline Number : 1095 (you can also complaint about illegal parking )

Odd Even Helpline Number : n/a

Helpline number will be soon launched by Delhi Government said by Transport Minister on News TV channels

Tips to cope with Odd Even Formula In Delhi

  • You can plan with your friends or neighbour or office colleagues living near your residential area to take lift in each others cars on the Odd or even number days.
  • Get CNG stickers for your car if you want that traffic department official don’t stop. ( stickers are only given if you have CNG car or CNG approved kit car on your RC )

Note : For more accurate info visit Delhi Government official websites as we have collected info from various sources chances of mistakes could be higher. Afterwards we are not responsible for any miscommunication held by us or reader.

8 thoughts on “Odd Even Delhi Traffic Rules,Challan,Helpline Number,Poochho App,Formula Info

  1. Shailesh chauhan

    I have cng vehical, but i residence in delhincr
    Iwont sticker,

    1. carecontcustomer Post author

      Shailesh Chauhan Sir, You need to have CNG sticker on your car mirror to avoid challan. Take Safe side. thanks…..

  2. Devesh Tailong

    Hi, i have paralysis and unable to drive on my own. Me and my wife goes along to Noida from Surya Nagar Ghaziabad and she drops me at my office and then goes ahead for her office. We have even no car, so can we go on odd days also.

    1. carecontcustomer Post author

      No, sir if your wife is alone driving in car she is allowed to drive car on any of the odd and even day. But if she is driving with any male above 12 yrs of age passenger on odd day ( according to your car number) then she will have to pay challan for 2000 rs. And if you are facing any kind of physical disability i am sorry to say but Delhi govt. has not yet passed any kind of rule in favor of physically challenged people in the case of odd even traffic movement. thanks..

  3. Faiyaz hasan

    Odd even scheme is not going to serve the the pollution control and traffic of Delhi . Government is suppose to go for proper study how to control the traffic and pollution of Delhi .There is no traffic police in Delhi from last one year in any place . Even the public transport specially buses break down there is no other alternative for tracking the same for side. Most of the road is blocked by rewri patri wale ,shopkeeper, second hand car seller,though the traffic is blocked,Even on red light paniwala, cigrate wala, autoriksha, battery riksha is blocking traffic or creating hindrence,this resulted traffic jam and pollution..So kindly conscider all the aspects for controlling the traffic and pollution for implementing the any scheme.So before implementing the same.

  4. Sumit Kapoor

    Are cars with only women passenger driven by male driver to pick and drop child from school is exempted? Child will be in uniform will going to school but after leaving child how would you identify which car was used to ferry a child to school and same applies while going to pick a child ??

    OR Are cars with only women passengers are allowed on both days? If they are occupants and car is being driven by a driver?

  5. Varun gupta

    Dear Sir,

    My name is varun and I have a company fitted  LPG vehicle and is a non polluting vehicle

    Request you to pls confirm is odd even rule applicable to me or not.

    It’s a wagon r duo


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